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Leverage Any Transport

AppFabric allows you to integrate any WAN transport at any site including broadband, MPLS, and cellular. With AppFabric, you control how your WAN is used, by which applications, and can reduce your dependency on expensive private WAN circuits. AppFabric allows you to add capacity to your branch offices and retail stores to improve application performance, offload MPLS links to reduce cost up to 70%, and enable next-generation experiences.

Seamlessly Integrate the Cloud

AppFabric allows you to seamlessly integrate cloud infrastructure, applications, and platforms like AWS, Azure, Office 365, and Salesforce by defining top-level policies that dictate which WAN paths are allowed (including direct Internet), and requirements for performance, security, and compliance, without complicated routing rules, CLIs, and esoteric networking experience.

Platform for Digital Transformation

AppFabric is the WAN platform for digital transformation, allowing you to provide new, unique, and diferentiated experiences to your customers, partners, and employees. By leveraging AppFabric, businesses are able to increase capacity while managing performance and compliance for retail stores and bank branches to enable digital transformation including video teller machines, virtual mirrors, and video collaboration.

Align Your WAN with Business Goals

Legacy WAN architectures that demand deep experience with routing protocols and command line interfaces fundamentally disconnect I/T organizations from the needs of the business and require substantial translation between business goals and implementation. With AppFabric, your WAN is constructed using a series of application-centric policies built using business terms for performance, security, and compliance, and are aligned and congruent with your business objectives.

Reduce Cost and Complexity

AppFabric also provides you with the best opportunity to reduce cost and complexity compared to both legacy WAN architectures as well as other SD-WAN solutions. Through top-down application-centric business policies, businesses find material improvements in the configuration and management of their WAN. Actionable analytics for the health and performance of networks and applications not only drive the self-healing network, but also provide visibility into what’s happening. And, with complete support for DevOps environments through robust APIs and software development kits (SDKs), management of the WAN lifecycle can be completely automated and integrated.


CloudGenix provides a software-defined WAN solution with AppFabric technology that enables you to build a global WAN based on business policies for application performance, compliance, and security, across all sites and users. Unlike router-based solutions, CloudGenix AppFabric allows you to define top-down global policies based on business intent rather than fragmented bottoms-up configuration changes based on technical implementation. With CloudGenix, you can easily integrate heterogeneous WAN connections for any site, take advantage of cloud and SaaS applications, improve visibility for app performance and SLAs, and dramatically simplify network operations.

CloudGenix Partners: Better Together

Value-added Resellers (VARs), Systems Integrators (SIs), and Master Agents all act as trusted third parties to their customers. Our goal at CloudGenix is to provide you with an industry leading platform that empowers you to transform your customers’ business with technology that strengthens your relationship and adds measurable value.

Are you looking to better serve your customers by bringing them an entirely smarter way to build their network? If so, we’d love to talk. We’re looking for mutually beneficial partnerships with companies that have complimentary technology and would like to resell and build services around our solutions. Interested in becoming a partner?

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