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Intel® oneAPI Toolkits

Deliver uncompromised performance for diverse workloads across multiple architectures

Intel® oneAPI

oneAPI is the productive, smart path for accelerated computing, freeing developers from the economic and technical burdens of proprietary programming models. It’s an open alternative to proprietary language lock-in that enables the full performance of the hardware with a complete, proven set of tools that complement existing languages and parallel models.


Together, oneAPI and Intel® oneAPI Toolkits bring productive, performant multiarchitecture programming to developers.

Freedom of Choice in Hardware with Future-Ready Programming

  • An open alternative to single-vendor/proprietary lock-in enables easy architecture retargeting
  • Open, standards-based programming so software investments continue to add value in future hardware generations

Performance - Realize All the Hardware Value

  • Expose and exploit all the cutting-edge features and maximize performance of the latest architectures
  • Performance across CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs

Productivity - Confidently Develop Performant Code Quickly, Add Portability

  • Apply your skills to the next innovation, not rewriting software for the next hardware platform
  • Shorter learning curve with familiar languages and standards
  • Easy integration with legacy code

Intel® oneAPIBase ToolkitIoT ToolkitHPC ToolkitRendering Toolkit

Intel’s product implementation of oneAPI is a set of toolkits to help developers efficiently build, analyze and optimize high-performance, multiarchitecture applications for Intel CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs.

Intel® oneAPI Toolkit is a foundational set of tools that includes best-in-class compilers, powerful performance libraries, and analysis, debug and porting tools.

Segment-specific Tools aid developers in optimizing applications and solutions for HPC, AI, IoT, and ray tracing/rendering.Intel’s product implementation of oneAPI is a set of toolkits to help developers Explore them here!

Intel ® oneAPI Base Toolkit

The Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit is a set of core tools and libraries for developing high-performance, data-centric applications targeting a variety of Intel® architectures (CPU, GPU, FPGA). It includes Intel® oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler, Intel® DPC++ Compatibility Tool, and so much more!

oneAPI Base Toolkit Logo

Simplify Cross-Architecture Development

Today’s data-centric workloads require diverse architectures, imposing complexity for developers. oneAPI solves this issue with open, standards-based, cross-architecture programming that simplifies development across multiple types of architectures. The Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit, delivers all you need to build and deploy high-performance, data-centric, cross-architecture applications that take advantage of Intel CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs. Get started with the kit’s core set of tools, compilers, and libraries and create future-ready code that can be transitioned across current and new, innovative systems and accelerators.

Use a single programming model and cross-architecture language Data Parallel C++ (DPC++), an evolution of C++

Develop high-performance, multiarchitecture applications that allows code reuse across hardware targets—Intel CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs—and permits custom tuning for individual accelerators.

Develop Efficiently

Develop efficiently using the DPC+/C++ compiler; performance libraries; enhanced profiling, design assistance, debug and porting tools; and accelerated Python.

Migrate CUDA code to create new DPC++ code

Migrate CUDA code to create new multiarchitecture SYCL code using a code migration tool, then tune as needed for specific implementations.

Work Seamlessly

Works seamlessly with Intel add-on, domain-specific tools to accelerate fast growing workloads across HPC, AI, IoT, rendering, deep learning inference and more.

Develop future-ready code

Develop future-ready code to ease adoption of future innovative, accelerated computing architectures.

Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit

Build, optimize and scale fast HPC applications for a variety of architectures using the Intel® oneAPI Base + HPC Toolkits.

oneAPI HPC Toolkit Logo

Deliver Fast HPC Applications that Scale

Build, analyze, optimize and scale fast multiarchitecture HPC applications with vectorization, multithreading, multi-node parallelization, and memory optimization techniques using the Intel® oneAPI Base + HPC Toolkits. Works seamlessly with other Intel tools to accelerate fast growing workloads for HPC, AI, rendering, deep learning inference, video processing, and more.


Simplify cross-architecture HPC application deployment on Intel CPUs and accelerators using Intel’s industry-leading compilers and libraries. Efficiently create fast parallel code and boost application performance that exploits cutting-edge features of current and future Intel® architecture.


Quickly gauge application performance, resource use, and areas for optimization to ensure fast cross-architecture performance.


Learn how resource use impacts your code–including compute, memory, I/O, more–to make sound cross-architecture design decisions.

Easy Integration

Supports HPC standards including C/C++, Fortran, Python, OpenMP and MPI for easy integration with legacy code.

Intel ® oneAPI IoT Toolkit

The Intel® oneAPI Base + IoT Toolkits help developers bring the power of big data technology to network’s edge innovations for AI, healthcare, smart cities, industrial, retail, transportation, and more.

oneAPI IoT Toolkit Logo

Bring the Power of Big Data to IoT Edge Applications

Developers can confidently develop high-performance code quickly, and accelerate compute using a complete set of cross-architecture tools and libraries. Simplify IoT application development using a single code base, and ease deployment across powerful Intel CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs. Benefit from fast integration across the software stack, optimized performance and power efficiency, and improved time to market.

Bring IoT Solutions to Market Faster than Before

Benefit from fast integration across the software stack, and optimized performance and power efficiency to bring IoT solutions to market fast. Help enable a more intelligent, efficient IoT, supporting enterprises that are moving to the edge to capture more data, analyze it fast, and act on it quickly.


Implement efficient, high-performance code for IoT applications that exploits all the cutting-edge features of powerful Intel® architecture (CPU, GPU, FPGA). Optimize threading, memory, and persistent memory debugging early in the design cycle.


Quickly pinpoint code-tuning opportunities with deep, analysis of performance characteristics, including system behavioral analysis, power-related metrics and hardware-specific optimizations.


Use seamlessly with other Intel domain-specific tools (AI analytics, video processing, deep learning inference, and more) to accelerate IoT applications and workloads.

Intel ® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit

The Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit + The Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit is a set of open source libraries that enables creation of high-performance, high-fidelity, extensible, and cost-effective visualization applications and solutions.

oneAPI rendering Toolkit Logo

High-Performance, Cost-Efficient, Extensible Rendering for the Next Era of Graphics

Intel offers an end-to-end platform for ray tracing/rendering and visualization workloads that provides unmatched and flexible options for performance, cost, and scalability. Unleash ray tracing for interactive renderings that push the boundaries for graphics, path tracing, compute, simulation, and 3D design with a complete portfolio of leading hardware and software. Get the flexibility of open, unified programming, combined with unparalleled features and performance to create photorealistic renderings that scale end-to-end on laptops, workstations, HPC systems, and in the cloud.

The Next Era of Graphics

Deliver high-performance, hyper-realistic rendered images across all compute infrastructure (on-premise & public)

Powerful Ray-Tracing

Powerful ray-tracing and rendering features extend beyond today’s GPU capabilities with model complexity beyond triangles, path tracing, combined volume and geometry rendering, and more.

Visualize Huge Datasets

Visualize huge datasets (TB) interactively embracing full system memory creating freely beyond 32GB card VRAM

Cost Efficient

Cost efficient, interactive performance for any size data, –scale solutions across laptops, workstations, enterprise, HPC and cloud.

Intel® oneAPI In Action

Enable customers to realize all the cutting-edge features of the latest hardware, confidently develop performant code quickly and correctly, and provide them with future-ready programing solution to apply their skills to the next innovation instead of re-writing software for the next hardware platform.

The Swedish e-Science Research Center (SeRC) is using oneAPI’s programming model to accelerate compute for research conducted with GROMACS to help advance solutions for some of the world’s biggest life science challenges. Massive HPC simulations will be deployed leveraging CPUs and GPUs from multiple vendors (Intel, Nvidia, AMD) to achieve new levels of efficiency and performance. GROMACS is a molecular dynamics software used by researchers all over the world.


oneAPI HPC Toolkit Logo

Intel oneAPI tools help prepare code for Aurora. With Intel® oneAPI tools, researchers can test code performance and functionality using oneAPI open, standards-based programming for Aurora, the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility’s (ALCF) forthcoming Intel-HPE/Cray supercomputer—set to be one of the nation’s first exascale systems. The ALCF is a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science User Facility located at Argonne National Laboratory.

Argonne National Laboratory

oneAPI Logo

Stephen Hawking Centre for Cosmology Visualizes the Physics of the Cosmos. Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit helps render enormous simulations to understand the most extreme phenomena in the universe.

Stephen Hawking Center for Cosmology

oneAPI Rendering Toolkit Logo

Work Seamlessly with other Intel tools to accelerate specialized workloads (AI analytics, video processing, deep learning inference. etc.) and maximize performance.

Take advantage of Priority Support: Connect directly to Intel engineers for confidential answers to technical questions.

Note: The tools that comprised Intel® Parallel Studio XE and Intel® System Studio are now integrated into Intel’s oneAPI Products.
The Intel oneAPI toolkits are upward compatible supersets of the features in the previous studio products.

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