ABBYY's innovative solutions boost the effective use of information in organizations

ABBYY empowers organizations to gain a complete understanding of their business processes and the content that fuels them. Their offerings enable the new digital workforce with the necessary skills and understanding to make intelligent business decisions. ABBYY technologies are used by more than 5,000 companies, including many of the Fortune 500, and is recognized for its leadership in Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and Process Discovery & Mining for driving significant impact where it matters most: customer experience, effectiveness, profitability, and competitive advantage.

Software such as FineReader® 15, FineReader® Pro and FineReader® Server help your customers to optimize business processes, reduce risk, accelerate decision-making, and increase revenue. ABBYYs Intelligent Document Processing platform ABBYY® FlexiCapture® helps organizations to automate document-intensive processes and remove friction.

ABBYY® FineReader® PDF 15 for Windows

ABBYY® FineReader® PDF 15 is a PDF tool which makes working with digital documents more efficient. Powered by ABBYY’s AI-based OCR technology, FineReader brings scanned documents into the digital workflows and makes it easier to digitize, convert, retrieve, edit, protect, share, and collaborate on all kinds of documents in the in the digital workplace.

Edit and organize PDFs

Edit and organize PDFs

Edit and update PDF documents (whether created digitally or converted from paper) without additional conversion steps.

Collaborate on and approve PDFs

Collaborate on and approve PDFs

Use commenting and mark up tools to facilitate successful collaboration.

Protect and sign PDFs

Protect and sign PDFs

Secure documents by utilizing digital signatures, redacting sensitive information, removing “hidden” data (i.e. metadata) and control access through passwords.

Create and convert PDFs

Create and convert PDFs

Make paper documents accessible by converting them into searchable PDFs or convert PDF documents into editable Microsoft® Office and other formats.

Digitize documents and scans with OCR

Digitize documents and scans with OCR

Bring paper documents into the digital workspace for storage and retrieval, or to reuse and edit.

Automate digitization and conversion routines

Automate digitization and conversion routines

(FineReader PDF 15 Corporate ONLY): Streamline repetitive conversion tasks or conversion of multiple documents into searchable and editable files.

Compare documents in different formats

Compare documents in different formats

(FineReader PDF 15 Corporate ONLY): Identify differences between two versions of a document quickly and reliably.

Work easily with a universal PDF tool

Work easily with a universal PDF tool:

Benefit from the versatile PDF features, supported by an extraordinary OCR that helps you bring your digital transformation a step forward.

Available Options for ABBYY® FineReader® PDF 15



Edit, protect, and collaborate on PDFs

Create and convert PDFs

Digitize paper documents and scans with OCR


Edit, protect, and collaborate on PDFs

Create and convert PDFs

Digitize paper documents and scans with OCR

Automate digitization and conversion routines 5,000 pages/month*, 2 cores

Compare documents in different formats


Volume Licensing

ABBYY offers volume licenses at attractive discounts, enabling companies to equip more employees with productivity. Choose between Standard and Corporate editions and a variety of licensing options for a universal PDF tool. Benefit from progressive volume discounts, network deployment, and simple license management.

*Monthly page limitation applies only to automated processing with Hot Folder and resets every 30 days.

Industry Use Cases

Legal Services

FineReader PDF serves as an ideal bridge between paper and digital processes. With PDF tools, legal practitioners can share or withhold information.


With FineReader PDF, educators can maintain centralized research materials and distribute information digitally to students and others in the academic community.

Public Sector

FineReader PDF provides public institutions with a reliable solution for creating, converting, collaborating on, and preparing documents for archiving in the digital era.

ABBYY® FineReader® PDF for Mac

ABBYY® FineReader® PDF for Mac® converts PDFs, paper documents, or their images into searchable and editable documents. It combines advanced document conversion tools and superior-quality OCR technology with an easy-to-use interface, a built-in PDF Viewer, and quick conversion scenarios. It supports the latest macOS® features such as Dark Mode and Continuity Camera.

Reuse and edit content of PDFs, paper documents, and their scanned images by converting them to editable formats such as DOCX, XLSX, RTF, ODT, and others.


  • Digitize the documents into PDFs to work with, archive, or share: Convert them to searchable PDFs for easy retrieval, industry-standard PDF/A for reliable long-term archiving, or PDF/UA to ensure accessibility.
  • Protect documents digitized into PDFs with passwords.
  • Manage document conversion: Choose between Quick conversion scenarios to get the task done in a few clicks, or Advanced conversion to control all details of the process.
  • Digitize without a scanner: Capture the documents with iPhone® or iPad® directly to FineReader PDF with Continuity Camera, or transfer images taken earlier to convert them.
  • Preview, read, and print your PDF documents with a built-in PDF Viewer.

ABBYY® FineReader® Server is a powerful, server-based OCR solution for the automated conversion of large volumes of documents in various export formats (e.g. PDF, PDF/A, XML, Microsoft® Office files). It converts paper-based and digital input formats (e.g. documents from scanners, Microsoft® Office files, fax and e-mail servers as well as Microsoft® SharePoint® libraries) into searchable files. The software supports archive digitization, enhances Enterprise Search and helps preparing for E-Discovery. It comes with an integrated indexing function and barcode recognition.

Key features

Accurate character recognition

Delivers fast, accurate results in over 150 languages.

Server-based architecture

Uses all available hardware resources in the most efficient way possible

High-volume scalability

Converts large volumes of documents in a short time frame.

PDF conversion and compression

Compresses PDFs to minimize life size while preserving quality; supports PDF/A-1a, PDF/A-1b, PDF/A-2u, and PDF/A-3a formats.

Industry Use Cases

Long-term document storage

Facilitate compliance with government and corporate regulations by converting large volumes of documents into easily accessible digital archives.

Digital content for digital forensics, DLP, eDiscovery

Customize FineReader Server to deliver digitized documents for digital forensics, DLP, eDiscovery, and other uses.

Central document conversion service

FineReader Server works for all employees across an entire organization, with no special training required.

Digital library archives

Preserve cultural heritage by digitizing manuscripts printed in historical fonts and saving them in digital libraries for future generations.

Fully searchable SharePoint libraries

FineReader Server integrates seamlessly with SharePoint, crawling libraries continuously and automatically converting newly added files, leaving originals in place if needed.

Replace physical document archives

Reclaim office space previously occupied by file cabinets and stacks of boxes.

ABBYY® FlexiCapture®

Transforming business documents into business value.

ABBYY® FlexiCapture® is an Intelligent Document Processing platform built for the needs of today’s complex digital enterprise. FlexiCapture® brings together the best NLP, machine learning, and advanced recognition capabilities into a single, enterprise-scale platform to handle every type of document, from simple forms to complex free-form documents, and every job size, from ad hoc single documents to large batch jobs requiring tough SLAs.

ABBYY® FlexiCapture® for Invoices

Streamline accounts payable with turnkey invoice processing.

ABBYY® FlexiCapture® for Invoices is a turnkey invoice process automation application that reduces inefficiencies, errors, and costs associated with manual invoice processing by eliminating data entry and the physical handling of paper. FlexiCapture® for Invoices automates invoice capture, recognition, field extraction, and validation of data and facilitates straight-through processing of PO-based invoices.

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