Go beyond data stored to data managed.


StorageMAP is the vendor and cloud-neutral data management platform that enables enterprises to get a grip on their unstructured data management challenges.

StorageMAP helps companies achieve their highest priorities such as cost, CO2, and risk reduction as well as enable customers to use their data to its full extent.

Companies can now visualize, organize, and act on their data from a single interface and across their entire unstructured data set on-premises or in the cloud.



From the moment you install StorageMAP you start to get insights into your unstructured data. As the data populates the graphs and tables, you finally start to understand your data and already begin to feel in control. The answers to the questions you and your customers are asking are not far away.

Due to StorageMAP’s extremely fast patented scanning technology, it doesn’t take long to scan all the meta-data of your entire environment no matter how large. You are now in control.


Now you can quickly and easily organize the data into logical units that make sense to the highest priorities in your company. Whether it be to reduce cost, CO2, risk, or any one of many other objectives, you can tackle each one of these projects in easy chunks on a schedule that suits you (see Solutions).

You can tag the data with different attributes to enable total control of your data: ownership of the data, role of the data, where the data belongs, and type of action to take on the data.


Now it’s time to act on the data to achieve your business needs right from within StorageMAP. You can migrate, move, replicate, sync, or delete data with just a few clicks. You will achieve your goals quickly and easily.


Now that you have achieved your first and most important objective, you have the insight, control, and flexibility to carry on keeping your ever-increasing unstructured data sprawl under control.

DobiMigrate is world-leading stand-alone NAS and object migration software that allows service providers to deliver best-in-class migration projects to their customers.

With millions of hours or real-life run-time in the world's most demanding environments, DobiMigrate is considered the "gold-standard" unstructured data migration solution by the world's leading service providers.

If you represent a storage vendor, system integrator, cloud service provider, or value-added reseller and are responsible for regularly delivering significant unstructured data migration projects, please contact alliances@datadobi.com.

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